Valueclick and Fastclick Integration

Valueclick acquired Fastclick in August/September 2005 and the two companies have since been slowly integrating all of their various systems from support, to cheque issuing, and now finally they have unified their publisher interface.

Noting Fastclick’s leading technology and publisher interface, Valueclick have based the unified interface on the Fastclick technology. Since the acquisition, Valueclick have added Floating Defaults to their publisher interface, allowing publishers to set up default campaigns to act like normal advertiser campaigns.
You can log in to the new unified publisher interface at

Welcome to the NEW ValueClick Media!

The integration of the Fastclick and ValueClick Media display advertising networks is complete.
As of 03/28/06, ValueClick Media/Fastclick has been re-launched as ValueClick Media and while the display advertising platform is based off of Fastclick’s technology, much about today’s ValueClick Media is new.

Benefits of the NEW ValueClick Media:

  • More campaigns – With a dedicated sales force of over 35 professionals, you’ll benefit from even more quality advertisers and campaigns at high eCPM rates.
  • More experience – The publisher support team has doubled and is dedicated to helping you generate the most possible revenue for your inventory.
  • More controls to manage yield – In the second half of 2006 we expect to release even more tools to help you maximize your yield

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