Linkbucks is a well-established link shortener (interstitial/intermission) network that offers publishers and web users the chance to easily monetise links they share on their blogs or across their social media channels.

Publishers or Facebook/Twitter/Instagram users looking to earn form their links simply log in to the Linkbucks website, add the URL of the link they want to share, and select “Intermission”. They are then presented with a short link (like this) that they can share with their users.

When clicked, the users will see full-page advertisement with a small bar across the top. Once they have viewed the ad for five seconds, a “Skip This Ad” button appears, and they can continue on to view the original link.

Alongside the monetised shortened links, Linkbucks also offers publishers the opportunity to show pop-unders on their site. Rather than use their own pop-under code, Linkbucks instead gives publishers unique URLs (like this) for them to show in their own pops. This means publishers can be more inventive on how they make the pops appear, and the pop is less likely to be blocked in the browser.

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