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Casale Media only offer limited types of advertisements for their publishers, although what they do offer is extremely competitive when compared with the other networks. Their rates for leaderboards and skyscrapers ($0.35+ eCPM) and pop-unders ($2.50+ eCPM) are comparable with Valueclick, and their support is very quick and polite. They even offer special single line ad codes, so their users can set them up as a default from another network more easily.

Although they currently only offer three different ad types, they are preparing to release other creative sizes and types as well, and their system certainly seems like it could handle any new developments. You are able to filter out any controversial ads using their simple filters, and are able to (de)select any campaigns that you are running, such as by finding the worst performing ads by viewing their eCPM. In fact, the statistics are real-time with graphical representations, and are very useful for examining the performance of your site.

The interface is clean and uncluttered, with all the options clearly available from the account homepage, and their default system is only complicated due to its power and flexibility. Indeed, with Casale, your default campaigns are run like any other ad campaign, so you are able to define frequency and date caps, as well as geotargeting among other parameters for no fee, so you have complete control over your ad spots.

Overall, Casale Media is an ad network of the highest calibre which will only improve as they develop long lasting relationships with more and more advertisers.

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