Facebook to Launch Auto-Playing Video Ads?

Rumours are abound that social network behemoth Facebook will begin rolling out auto-playing video advertisements taking up the screen real estate on the left and right of the news feed.

The adverts will only be targeted to four groups of users, men under 30, women under 30, mean over 30 and women over 30, but Facebook is apparently charging $1 million per group per day. That’s a cool $4 million per day.

Facebook has been focusing on generating more income since its IPO last year, with outcries from various groups from organisations being upset about being charged to reach more of their page subscribers, to users angered by the continual changes to Facebook’s privacy terms and settings.

Huge auto-playing video ads may prove popular with advertisers for the sheer reach of the campaigns, but they are likely to be very distracting to users, and if they also auto-play audio and some fear then they will cause an uproar from the sites’ billion users.

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