End of Burst Mail

Burst appears to be continuing its improvements on concentration on improving its website publisher experience. They are removing the Burst Mail (newsletter) section from the publisher interface on May 5th, further uncluttering the interface.

Here’s a copy of the email they are sending out to their publishers:

Dear Publisher,

We recently notified you about the fact that Burst Mail will no longer be available on Friday, May 5th. We also wanted to let you know that the entire Burst Mail section will be removed from your account and you will not have access to anything within that section on Friday, May 5th.

In order to help with the transition to another service, we have made some alternative mailing list suggestions below.

Bravenet Mailing Listshttp://www.bravenet.com/webtools/elist/
A totally free service packed full of features like double opt-in, list statistics,
pre-built HTML templates, and e-mail notifications when new subscribers join.
Bravenet Mailing Lists sign-up can also be integrated into your site.

A simple (and free!) Web site for handling mailing lists. This barebones service
is very easy to use and not complicated by extra features.

If you want a little more, this service may be for you. Free for lists with up to
100 subscribers and relatively inexpensive after that, FanBlast offers text and
HTML e-mail newsletter management, with double opt-in, archiving, sign-ups
on your site, and customizable subscriber lists.

We wish to thank all of the publishers who have used this service and look forward to your continued support as we work on providing you with a more robust Publisher Account Area.

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