AdBalance was started in 2004 by now Editor in Chief, Tim Dickinson, as a place for web publishers and webmasters to find out how best to monetise their content sites. Most people have heard of Google AdSense, but there are many more ad networks and advertising methods publishers can use to turn a profit from their sites and AdBalance was designed to help them towards that goal with unbiased comparisons of the various options.

Tim has been working in digital advertising for a decade, and alongside maintaining a string of successful content sites and blogs, he was a co-author of Sitepoint’s Website Revenue Maximizer Kit, and is now joined on AdBalance by contributors from around the world. This allows AdBalance to offer a more global perspective on digital advertising than its competitors.

AdBalance is part of a wider network of sites aimed at helping web publishers develop, promote, find a host, and make a profit from their websites.

If you are interested in working with us or have any questions about the site then please get in touch.