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Tribal Fusion

Tribal Fusion only represent quite a small number of sites compared to other networks, although this is only because most sites will not reach their high demands. However, if you are accepted, then they offer the highest rates around for banners ($0.60+ CPM), and all the other varied creative sizes and types they offer. Their support is also quick and polite, and they pay reliably NET 45.

They are quite a new company, having only been established in 2001, and as such are constantly introducing new creative sizes and types to keep up with online developments and offer Eyeblaster and Unicast takeover ads among many others. You are also able to filter out controversial ads using their filters, and block any companies you don’t want to advertise, although this is not as straightforward as with ValueClick Media or Casale Media.

Also, although they do offer rich media defaults, you have to email you publisher representative to set this up for you, otherwise you can only use a standard image default, and even then you can only use one for each creative size, and so cannot weight your defaults like using ValueClick Media or Burst Media.

Overall, although their interface is not intuitive, and defaults aren’t simple to set up, Tribal Fusion simply offer the highest quality advertisers and the best rates on a purely CPM basis, and so are a great network to work with.

Tribal Fusion, 3.3 out of 5 based on 25 ratings


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