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Burst Media

Burst Media offer a wide range of ad formats with decent payouts ($0.30+ for banners/skyscrapers and $2.50+ for pops), and are a reliable network which always pay on time 45 days after you have earned the money. There support is also very quick and polite, and they have a members forum where you can discuss the best ways to make use of ad networks with other Burst publishers as well as the Burst staff.

They have kept up with recent developments quite well, introducing leaderboards, skyscrapers, various rectangles/squares, as well as something they call intelliTXT, where actual words within the content of your site become bold, and when moused over give a description of a relevant company, and is a clickable advertisement. They also support the floating and expandable formats such as Eyeblastr and Pointroll which can look impressive and deliver high paying results.

The interface is somewhere where Burst is not as good as other networks, as although the functionality is similar, letting users (de)select each campaign individually, as well as offering filters, and showing the eCPM of campaigns, it is just cluttered and unintuitive. These problems also show in the default engine, which although lets you use 4 rich media defaults, is difficult to set understand and setup. Nevertheless, all the functionality needed is there, so once you have spent time learning their interface, then you can do most things quite quickly, and the reliability and accuracy of the ad serving solution is backed by certification from BPA Worldwide.

Overall, although the interface is not as intuitive as some other alternatives, Burst media is a very good reliable network, especially when they manage to get a targeted deal for your site which offers superb eCPMs.

Burst Media, 3.4 out of 5 based on 28 ratings


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